usher volunteeers are there to help all attendes make the most of the conference experience.

ushers will be responsible for registration desk, answering questions, main sessions, meals, and proper care of FACILITIES.


Security volunteeers are key to facilitating a safe enviorment for attendes, volunteers, staff and guests.

SECURITY teams will manage registration crowds, main sessions, meals, breaks, and proper care of FACILITIES.


First aid team is responsible for establishing and maintaining the first aid station and roaming the conference.

Volunteers will ensure the stations and personal aid packs are stocked with adequate supplies THROUGHOUT the day.

volunteers will be put into teams & will rotate between being located at the first aid station & roaming the conference.


volunteers are responsible for helping the Production Director, Lighting Director, & Audio Director with setup/tear down, sounds checks & stage needs during the conference.

the goal of the production team is to create a distraction free ENVIRONMENT and atmosphere where ATTENDEES will ENCOUNTER and respond to having a relationship with jesus